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      Group total assets


      Total area


      Total surface area


      Planning wafer capacity

      JingYing PV-TECH Co.Ltd which was established in September 2009, is located in the Yangtze river delta core region ,national civilized health city –ZhangJiaGang which east to Shanghai, south to Zhejiang, north to the Yangtze river, water and land transportation fast and convenient.)Our total investment of the group are 1 billion RMB, with a total area of more than 300 mu and a total construction area of more than 50,000 square meters .The planned silicon wafer capacity is 5.5 GW with two production and research bases of Suzhou JingYing and Yangzhou JingYing. JingYing is a New third board solar photovoltaic enterprise with integrated production, trade in one.

      Doing Fine Work — Specializing in Wafer Production

      With silicon wafer production as the core, we continue to refine and specialize, and gradually extend to both ends of the industrial chain to create and deliver value for customers.

      Integrate resources — diversify business across the industry chain

      Through resource integration and technological innovation, diversify business based on production specialization;


      Sincerity: Based On Sincerity, Walk The World Freely
      Innovation:Open, Change, Create
      High-Efficiency: Simple And Effective
      Win-Win: Win Together With Customers,Win Together With Our Employees ,Win Together With Our Shareholders



      The company has advanced equipment such as NTC new slicer imported from Japan and automatic sorter from Germany, with a production capacity of 2GW.


      Monocrystalline silicon brick

      Monocrystalline silicon brick is a crystal with substantially complete lattice structure. Which is the raw material for producing monocrystalline silicon wafers.Different directions have different properties.Mono brick is a good semi-conducting material. The mono brick is a rod-shaped single crystal silicon grown from the melt by a Czochralski method or a suspension zone melting method in industrial production. Its main indicators are minority life, oxygen concentration and ect. [Learn more]

      • Resistivity


      • Minority Life


      • Oxygen Concentration


      • Carbon Concentration



      Multicrystalline silicon brick

      Multicrystalline silicon brick is made by directional silicon solidification.JY makes full uses of the industry's mainstream crystal growth methods,equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities, and furnished with its advantages in independent ingot technology.All these make JY’s multi brick is of low impurities,low defects, and high&stable efficiency. Brick size in 156.75mm and 157mm are the mainstream products currently.Meanwhile, we can produce various non-conventional size according to custom requirements. [Learn more]

      • Resistivity


      • Minority Life


      • Oxygen Concentration


      • Carbon Concentration



      Silicon Wafer

      Silicon wafer is the carrier of solar cell, which is divided into monocrystalline silicon wafer and polycrystalline silicon wafer. The quality of wafer determines the cell’s’ efficiency directly.JY uses the world's most advanced slicing equipment, advanced diamond wire cutting technology to produce wafers, and also equipped with advanced testing machine to monitor wafer’s parameters,including surface conditions, lifetime,resistivity,conductive type and cracks.Our mission is to ensure the wafers are of the best quality. [Learn more]

      • Resistivity


      • Minority Life


      • Oxygen Concentration


      • Carbon Concentration



      Solar Cells

      Solar cells are the most rapidly developed link in new energy currently. solar cell. Its construction and production process have been finalized, and the product has been widely used in space and ground. This solar cell is made of a high-purity silicon rod. In order to reduce production costs, solar cells such as solar cells for ground applications are now using solar-grade silicon rods, and material performance indicators have been relaxed. Some of them can also use the head and tail materials processed by the semiconductor device and the waste single crystal silicon material to be re-drawn into a silicon rod for solar cells. [Learn more]

      • Solar Cell

        5 grid lines

      • Polycrystalline Module

        60 tablets

      • Output Power


      • Power Tolerance



      Based on the development strategy of professional silicon wafer production and diversification of the photovoltaic industry chain business, the company continues to integrate photovoltaic industry chain resources while focusing on silicon wafer production. From silicon processing of silicon ingots to power station development and construction, the business continues Expansion and extension, creating value for partners with cost-effective products and comprehensive services;


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